Originating from the heart of West Africa's coast, specifically Accra, Ghana, his musical journey took root. Influenced by the vibrant Reggae scene of London, England, he has ventured into the expansive realm of genre fusion since settling in the United States. The outcome is Hybrid Reggae, a delightful blend of global melodies and genres interwoven with the essence of reggae.

His musical endeavors have transcended continents, gracing stages in Ghana, England, and the United States as a dedicated session musician. Despite briefly stepping away from music to pursue a career with the US government, he eventually returned to fully dedicate himself to creating Hybrid Reggae music. These diverse experiences have paved the way for his current path. Currently, he is focused on crafting, recording, and sharing his original compositions on a global scale. Proudly an independent producer and artist, he is based in Covina, California, where he continues to bring his musical ideas to life.

Shaley Scott


Backing, Lead vocals.



Michelle Rescigno


Lead and Backing Vocals.